Birthday Sex Marathon: Day 2

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

I woke up to a snap from The Australian of him chilling in his pool bragging about the nice weather, a “good morning” text from The Chef, and a Facebook message from Neighbor Boy asking about my Birthday Sex Marathon: Day 1. The attention these boys are paying me definitely helps show the love for my birthday week. I send The Australian a sultry “good morning” snap of me near naked in bed, ignore the good morning text from The Chef until later in the afternoon, and spill all the disappointing details to Neighbor Boy about Day 1 and tell him he better make it better that night for Day 2 of my birthday sex marathon.


In our messaging, Neighbor Boy confirmed he’d clear his schedule for me tonight through Saturday so my Birthday Sex Marathon could commence. Neighbor Boy also told me he’d be ready by 9pm tonight, but expect a message from him earlier to tell me when to start playing with myself. I’ve hardly used a vibrator in 10 weeks, and the few times I did it was limited because my piercings were too tender. I was getting wet thinking about my toys. I told him I might just have to pull out my toys right then, he told me I had to wait till he gave me directions to use them, I obeyed.

Not long before 9pm, I snapped The Australian a selfie saying “Day 2 of my birthday marathon…” and he responded with “Have fun” and several heart eye emojis.

As 9pm struck, still no message from Neighbor Boy. The anticipation was killing me. I messaged him, asking if I should start playing with myself. He told me not yet. I waited. He finally told me to start playing with myself, told me to put on my nipple clamps, start using my vibrator, and have my rope and butt plug on stand-by. I got started and sent a photo as proof and also to get his ass up to my room quicker. He still took his sweet time.

I texted to tell him how close I was to coming, he told me I wasn’t allowed to yet. Shortly after that, he opened my bedroom door, told me to set my vibrator aside, and began to tease me. He kissed me lightly, and pulled away. Grazed his lips over my nipples, but left them just as quick. Brushed his hands all over my body, but didn’t quite caress me. He kissed my inner thighs, but wouldn’t kiss my clit. He meticulously tortured me with every move he made.

He then lubed up the butt plug and had me put it in. Nipple clamps on, butt plug in, body riled up from all the teasing, I was dripping. He dove in and ate me, licking my clit up and down as he played with the plug. My body stimulated on all fronts, I was about to climax just minutes into getting eaten, and he stops, stands up, and goes to exit my room.

I jump up, and pull him from the door, “Where do you think you’re going?”

“It’s all part of my plan, I’ll see you tomorrow,” Neighbor Boy said with a cocky smirk.

“Fuck no you aren’t,” I explained, “It’s my birthday, I’m supposed to get birthday sex.”

“It’s not your birthday yet.”

After a few minutes of this discussion, I basically begged for him to keep going, he finally let in, all he wanted was to hear me beg for him to make me come. It worked. He then tied my wrists together, vibe in my hands by my clit, flipped me over and tied the rope around me, forcing me to keep the vibe by my clit. He grabbed a condom, put it on, and he entered me from behind. Every time he pushed in, his body would press against the butt plug, my clit still tingling from the vibrator, my nipples being pinched by the clamps. All of this had my body stimulated to the max, but right as I began to climax, he pulled out, cutting my orgasm short of what it could have been.

“You ass!” I was frustrated, I came, but he intentionally slid out right at that moment to throw me off. He smiled that cocky smirk. He knew what he was doing.

He untied me, set aside the vibrator, took the clamps off, butt plug still in, and we laid there for a bit. “We should try anal,” I said.

“Not tonight,” Neighbor Boy responded and then sat up, got out of bed and started to get dressed.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I questioned, confused about his response to me offering anal sex.

“I’m hungry and you told me earlier you have to wake up early tomorrow and might not want a sleep over,” he then added, “You’re welcome to come down and eat and hang out if you want.”

“Fine, I’ll be down in like 10 minutes,” I responded.

He left, I got up, went to the bathroom, took out the butt plug and washed it, went back to my room, took a sexy snap and sent it to The Australian saying “Wiped, passing out! xoxo,” got dressed, and made my way downstairs. Neighbor Boy was making pizza rolls and chicken rings; obviously he doesn’t fit my dream man criteria of someone who knows how to cook. I laughed and poked fun at him for his food choices. He told me to take it or leave it. I was hungry so I stayed. We took the pizza rolls and chicken rings to his room.

We ate, cuddled, and watched some Netflix. Not long into this, Neighbor Boy was drifting off and as he fell asleep, he started to snore. I really did need to wake up early, so I got up, and went upstairs to my bed. The joys of a fuck buddy who lives downstairs from you is your bed is never too far away.

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus

“Let the Threesome Begin”

I got my period the day after Neighbor Boy and I fucked. Being over a week late, it came with a vengeance and I was miserable for the next few days. On my worst period days, a good orgasm is sometimes necessary to help ease the cramps. I got my vibe out pretty regularly that period. A few days in, Neighbor Boy hit me up asking when we were gonna fuck again and I explained that I was all cramps on on my period.





I tried to message Neighbor Boy later that night, get a quick fuck in. I kind of had a feeling he wasn’t into period sex based off our earlier messages, but thought it was worth a try being that he is super convenient. I messaged him just before midnight asking if he was still awake. His response was that he was with another girl but I should come down with my ropes and give them some pointers, watch, maybe join in.


First of all, I was on my period and he knew that. I was not looking to have a threesome while I was on my period. Second, really? I’m not one to just come and watch. If I wanted to watch people fucking and not be involved, I’d watch porn. Third, I’m not in this convenient fuck buddy thing to coach him and his other sexcapades. Epic fail on his part… but I guess it’s every guy’s dream to be fucking one girl and have another girl magically appear. He treats sex and his sexual desires almost like scenes from a porno, wanting everything to come easy.

INTRODUCTION to Fake Porn as told by me through my perspective on Neighbor Boy:

Boy has girl in bed. They are fucking. Mid fuck, boy gets text from sexy upstairs neighbor girl. The lightbulb goes off in his head, and he tells girl he’s currently fucking, dick still inside her, “I’ve got a great idea, my upstairs neighbor just asked if I’m awake, let’s turn the heat up and make this a threesome.”

Girl bats her eyes and perks her chest as he continues to fuck her, “Oh my god! Yes!”

They roll over, Girl now on top riding Boy so Boy can message upstairs neighbor girl back, “Come down and join me and this other girl I’m already fucking.”

Upstairs girl, “Oh yea, that would be so fucking hot!”

Upstairs girl magically appears knocking at his bedroom door seconds later in nothing but a robe. Neighbor Boy opens the door. He bites his lip, nods, and upstairs girl walks in the room, drops her robe, and goes straight into making out with other girl.

Neighbor Boy looks at both girls as they make out and touch each other’s breasts and says, “Let the threesome begin!”



I’m pretty sure a lot of guys have these fantasies, but I feel like there are better ways to approach them. For me, I’m interested in a threesome, but I feel like I would like to meet all parties outside of the bedroom first, grab a drink or two, then hit the sheets. Maybe that’s just me. But, I also have a feeling I’m not alone in the random invite to join a guy while he’s already fucking someone else.

Is there a right way to start a threesome?

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus