Fuck the Cum Trees!

You know it’s spring when the smell of semen fills the air. Lovers are out and about mingling, birds are chirping, and the terrible jizz scented blossoms of the Callery Pear trees bloom. The smell of sperm is absolutely nauseating and this is coming from a woman that loves sex and gives blow jobs on the regular.


In fact, I love giving blow jobs. I love oral sex in general. But there is no way in hell I will ever swallow, let alone let a guy cum in my mouth ever again. I will literally vomit. It’s already happened a few too many times. I did my due diligence by trying and it will never happen again. I’m a supertaster, I’m not necessarily a picky eater, but there are definitely things that will physically make me queazy and semen is one of them.

I’m not just trying to bitch about the taste of cum. I want to express how important it is to only do things that you are comfortable with. If you don’t like when a guy cums in your mouth or you don’t want to be felt up while making out with someone or if you don’t like a particular sex act, speak up. Say no. If the guy you are with can’t grasp the word no and keeps pushing the issue, he is obviously an asshole. Get the fuck out of there.

If there’s something he wants to try and you are willing to try it, go for it. If at any moment, you become uncomfortable, let him know that you want to stop. Once again, if he wants to keep going or keeps pushing it even when you tell him you want to stop, he’s a fucking asshole. Walk away from the situation, he isn’t worth it.

Only you get to decide what you do with your body and what you are comfortable with. Don’t let assholes try to change that. Do you.

Fuck the cum trees! They always ruin my love of long walks in the park.

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus