I’m sorry, not sorry, always sorry…. shit

I know I’ve been a bad girl and haven’t posted in forever until last night’s No Tinder, Two Tinder Dates. I’m sorry, not sorry, always sorry…. shit. Life just kind of happened and there was a lot of ups and downs and I think it’s all finally leveling out. I’m gonna do my best to get you all caught up, I’ve got a list of about 20 posts to come, so brace yourself. If they seem lacking at all, it’s because I’ve got a lot of ground to cover and may paraphrase for the next several posts, I want to catch you up and that’s the easiest way to do it. However, I may revisit and update posts later to add some juicy details. Stay tuned…

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus

Sorry… Again. I promise I will get better…

I sound like a broken record. I do the same thing I hate about boys. They get you hooked. Want to hang out with you every week, even a few times in a week for a few weeks straight and then they go missing for a couple weeks. I’m sorry I’m acting like a dude with my writing habits. I promise I will get better.

I just did a quick list of seven encounters from the past two weeks. I know! That’s a lot of encounters in two weeks which is probably why I haven’t had time to write. Once I knock out the details, you will be the first to hear.


Thanks for your patience!

Yours Truly
Kallie Pygus