2 Year Singleversary

This past weekend, I celebrated my 2 Year Singleversary. Not that I haven’t casually dated or anything in the past two years, but it marks the end of a six year relationship that was far from healthy to say the least. I will tell you all about that another time.

A week earlier, Shane and I worked a beer booth together at a festival. Afterwards, he walked me home. We discussed what was going on in our lives and I excitedly told him I was about to celebrate my 2 Year Singleversary. Confused, he didn’t understand why someone would celebrate such a thing. I tried to explain it to him, but it still didn’t get through his thick skull. He basically wrote it off and said I could celebrate being single any day so an anniversary is pointless. Nothing really further to report about this interaction. I was exhausted and he had other plans so I went to bed and he went out.

What I tried to explain to him, though, that he didn’t understand is that this day marks the end of my six year relationship and this is the day that changed me for the better. I grew more confident and independent. I am in a much better place now and I am grateful for this, and that is why my Singleversary is so important.

For my Singleversary, a couple friends and I started the evening with dinner then picked up a few bottles of wine and went to my place to paint our nails and pre game to go dancing in Boystown. It was a night for my girls, my gay boyfriends and I to go out and celebrate my single hood.


While dolling up and pre gaming, my roommate Sawyer sat at the kitchen table and joined in on our gossip. Although the night was meant for my gals and my gays, I was ok with him hanging out. I told him if he wanted to play along, he could be gay for my Singleversary and come dance the night away with us. After some convincing, he agreed to come with. He put on some tight jeans and a tight shirt so he could look extra good for the boys.

When we finished painting our nails and drinking our wine, we herded our way to Progress in Boystown. My boys Justin and Carl walked off, I’m unsure where, but the girls, Sawyer, and I got our dance on. Us ladies were doing our thing and Sawyer fell off to the side a little. He was left wide open, fresh meat for the boys to pounce on.

The first guy who attacked went in with full force from behind. With no eye contact or permission, he grabbed Sawyers hips, pulled them towards his crotch and started grinding hard against him. Ana mouthed to Sawyer asking if he needed help. He then mouthed that he had it under control, which he didn’t. He went to push the guy back, but the guy just pulled in harder. I swooped in, pulled Sawyer away, and threw him in the middle of the girls.

We danced in a circle around Sawyer to protect him from the hungry predators. From one side, a short black guy in a blue shirt tried to squeeze in. He was quickly blocked by us girls, but he kept trying. He saw that the only way in was through us, so he started to dance with Liz. He tried to pull her away, danced with her for a moment, and tried to create an opening to get in with Sawyer. He failed, Liz quickly caught on and refilled her spot in the circle.

From the other side of the circle, a super tall tan guy in a red shirt kept staring at Sawyer. He approached the circle and glared thinking Sawyer would come to him. Nothing. Sawyer turned away. The guy then walked to the other side of the circle to try to get Sawyer’s attention again. Still nothing. Sawyer turned again. This process kept repeating for a good two or three songs.

There were literally guys coming at him from all sides. To get away, Sawyer leaned in to me and said, “Hey, I think I need a drink.”

I asked, “Do you need backup?”

“Yes please,” he accepted.

He then walked to the bar, I followed closely. When he approached, I put my arm around him, and half leaned my body against his. There was no way a guy could penetrate him without going through me first. There were still guys eying him, but he was safe under my protection. Sawyer asked what I wanted to drink on him as a toast to my Singleversary.


We got our drinks, made our way back to the girls, danced a bit more, then decided to move our way to the back of the bar. Here, we continued to dance and soon, my friends Ricky and Chris showed up. Ricky, my fabulous gay hubby instantly made an entire back story for him and Sawyer. Supposedly they have been dating for seven years and Ricky is extremely jealous and will cut a bitch if they try to take his man.

The night went on. We danced some more. Made our way to a few more bars and ended the night all catching Lyfts home. The next day, Sawyer told me that going to Boystown was a big eye opener to him; he now understands how straight guys treat women at clubs and apologizes for their behavior.

Happy 2 Year Singleversary to me!

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus

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