Failing my Break From Boys

So sorry about being absent. The past week has been crazy busy at work, making art, and just life things. I will finish telling you about Capture the Flag Boy, but will need a little more time before divulging you in all those details.

However, I am officially failing at my break from boys (see I’m Taking a Break from Boys). I was probably always failing. I don’t know if I could ever truly give up, or at least go cold turkey from boys. But I have at least slowed my boy habits a bit.


There are two new developments. This weekend, I met two boys, both musicians. Very dangerous. I curated an exhibition that opened on Friday, there is a venue attached to the gallery so there was also several bands playing that evening. My friends and I were hanging out in the gallery. I saw Boy #1 several feet away. He was tall, skinny, olive skin, dark shaggy hair with some blond accents, dark eyes, and an eclectic fashion sense. We made eye contact, he ruined it by leaning back directly onto a painting. “Dude! Watch out for the painting!” I yelled towards him.

“Fuck! Sorry.” He then walked over and introduced himself. His friend, Brian, joined him. We were all talking, his friend was quiet, but Boy #1, Peter, was funny. We hit it off pretty quick. We only got a few minutes of flirting in because they were being summoned to the stage to perform.

After they played their set, Peter and I made flirty eye contact several times, but we were both preoccupied by everything else. I had gallery people to entertain, he had music people to entertain. At the end of the night, I was talking to two artists about curating them into an exhibition. Peter patiently stood there, and when there was a pause, he interrupted to say good night. It was difficult to pause the conversation for long, so I said bye and he left.

The next day, I got a friend request on Facebook… but it was from Brian, not Peter. I then on a whim decided to add Peter. Several hours later, I got a ping from messenger. I was excited, hoping it was Peter, but no, it was Brian saying that it was great meeting me. I was cordial, but kept the conversation short. I’m still a bit bummed that Peter didn’t message me, but who knows, maybe he still will.

I met Boy #2 on Saturday night. My roommates’ band was performing. I arrived late, but during the band that played right before their set. It was packed. I squeezed my way in and found my friends. As we talked, I saw Boy #2 towards the back of the room. He was the tallest person in the room, dark, slightly athletic build, and quietly hot. He’s the type of hot where he is definitely attractive, but he isn’t over confident or cocky so he is almost more of a mystery. We made eye contact a few times as I spoke with my friends, but there was no way either of us would be able to make our way to one another in that crowd. Once that band ended, my roommates went up to set up and the room cleared a little in between sets. I went to front row center by the stage. My friends and I danced to the soul music playing in the background. Boy #2 made his way up as well, but stayed to the side of the stage.

My roommates started to play and the room flooded with people again. As they played, the dancing changed to a more rock mosh. Not quite dancing, not quite moshing, but definitely movement. Boy #2 leaned against the wall. I was still front center pushing and dancing along. As the set progressed, the pushing got heavier. To get out of it, I made my way to the side, now standing, but still kind of dancing on the side basically right next to Boy #2. Once the band ended, the room cleared pretty fast and I went straight up to my roommates and hugged them as I usually do. Boy #2 stood there for a minute, but I was occupied talking with my roommates. He walked outside to the back patio.

A few minutes later, my friend wanted to smoke, so I went out with her, walking ahead of her. As we got outside, the door shut behind me, I turned, opened the door, and she wasn’t there anymore. Boy #2 was right there though on the patio, and laughed, telling me she ditched me. We then got talking. Chase introduced himself, he told me he was a musician, then told me to like his band’s page on Facebook. I pulled it up, liked it, he then stole my phone and messaged the band through my account. He then messaged me back from his phone. We chatted a little longer, but my roommates were almost packed up and ready to go. We said our good byes and went our separate ways.

That night, we continued to message each other through his band page, then I eventually gave him my number. He invited me to a show his band is playing this Thursday, so of course I said yes. We are texting now as I write this.

Fuck! I definitely failed at giving up boys. But hey, I tried.

Yours Truly,
Kallie Pygus

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